Elemis dynamic resurfacing skin care system review

The ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Care System was a lovely surprise! Some resurfacing masks, gels and creams are not worth the money, but if you’re serious about reducing pore size, smoothing bumpy skin and reducing pore size after blackhead removal, then look no further. This gel is for you.

How the ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Care System work?

The ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Care System is an exfoliating mask that removes debris and dead skin to reveal a younger, more vibrant complexion. As we age, our skin’s cell-renewal process slowly declines and this can result in a dull, lifeless complexion and prematurely aging skin. Combining the patented tri-enzyme technology with an anti-aging tetra peptide, Amazonian acerola cherry, white truffle, great burdock, erysiumum and amino acids, facely encourages effective resurfacing of the skin’s surface. This technology works naturally to stimulate the skin’s function, accelerating cell-renewal whilst removing ‘dead skin cells’. This is a safe, yet highly active treatment gel mask that promises to leave skin appearing instantly smoother, shine-free and more radiant.

How to apply ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Care System gel?

Directions for using ELEMIS gel

  • Apply to cleansed skin, avoiding eye and lip area. Leave for 8-10 minutes and remove with warm water. On application, you will experience a powerful tingling sensation as the enzymes are activated on your skin.
  • For optimal results, use this mask up to twice a week as part of the ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Program. For maximum efficacy, use with Dynamic Resurfacing Serum and Dynamic Resurfacing Night Cream.
  • Avoid UV exposure when using this product. Always use a high SPF during daylight hours and do not sunbathe or use sunbeds while using this product.

What did our testers really like about the ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Care System gel?

All testers loved this product. One said it ‘oozes quality and made me feel properly pampered’.

Check it out: ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Care System

For top notch results, use it with your face brush. One tester used it with her Clarisonic Mia 2 face brush (see review here>>) – which is the best of the best, but using what you have is fine too. As we may have already mentioned, we like the Hangsun SC200 face brush (see review here>>), which compares highly favourable to the Mia 2 but with a reduced price tag!
Ease of Use

Our verdict

The ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Care System is one we recommend to anyone looking to smooth their skin after blackheads and acne and see a significant improvement in its appearance. Th gel is great for your skin, and this is top quality facial resurfacing that you can do from home! 

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