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Best Blackhead removal home methods

What are the best blackhead removal methods in 2019?

Blackheads are really annoying. They don’t go away on their own, and if you leave a blackhead it will continue to clog up the pore and grow larger if not removed. How you remove blackheads is important if you want your skin to remain undamaged and looking smooth and healthy. It’s too easy to scrape, scratch or even dig out a lump of skin if you squeeze blackheads with your fingernails leading to scaring on the skin that will be difficult to disguise later. If you do this, stop reading and get one of these NOW!!

How should you remove blackheads?

The four best blackhead removal methods on the page below represent the most popular and effective methods of removing blackheads at prices you can afford. Everyone’s budget varies, so here you’ll find lots of possible blackhead removal methods ranging from the cheapest things to tackle blackheads quickly, to the more expensive longer term home remedies, which will improve skin imperfections caused by blackheads and acne and prevent blackheads from forming in the future once your skin is clear.

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Best Blackhead Removal Method 1: Blackhead or comedone extractors

Helps to remove blackheads on your nose without using your fingers

Deal with blackheads quickly when you see them so that they don’t grow large. The larger they grow, the more they will stretch the pore leaving you with a potential hole that continually gets clogged and doesn’t close up. Don’t squeeze blackheads with your fingernails though – See why this is a bad idea here. Buy a blackhead extractor (sometimes called comedone extractors) so that you don’t damage the skin around the blackhead and make it worse by putting bacteria and dirt from your fingers onto your skin.

There are simply loads of these on the market but the best blackhead removal extractors often are like this blackhead removal kit with a mirror  – the mirror is perfect to see your problem more clearly.  Tackling blackheads as you see them is a surefire way to keep the problem in check.

More about blackhead removal tools

Blackhead removal home with comedone extractor

Have a browse at all the different blackhead extractors on the market – They are cheap to buy, highly effective and everyone should have one.

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Recommended – The JNPK Blackhead Remover

Best Blackhead Removal Method 2: Facial Cleansing brush

Helps you to keep your skin pores clean and unblocked and clear of blackheads

For those with a significant problem with blackheads a good facial cleansing brush can work wonders! As you might know already (see how blackheads form) blackheads form when your skin pores get clogged up with dirt, oil and dead skin cells. If you have an oily skin or wear makeup, it is essential that you keep your skin as clean as you possibly can to avoid leaving debris on the surface which can clog your pores and lead to blackheads. one of the best blackhead removal methods is a  facial cleansing brush, which works by deep cleaning the skin using brush rotation and/or vibration to unblock your pores and remove residue left. Best used once or twice a day, definitely before bed and you can visibly see results after a week of use.

Facial cleansing brushes are NOT JUST FOR WOMEN!! Phew – myth dispelled! Anyone with a blackhead issue will benefit – you don’t HAVE to buy the pink ones!

The Clarisonic face brush range are the Rolls Royce of facial brushes. They work brilliantly well at cleansing your face and ridding it of makeup, dirt and any other impurities leaving your skin really soft and refreshed. However, there so many more face brushes to choose from now, to suit all budgets and all purposes. Check out the best face brushes for deep cleansing.

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Blackhead removal home with electronic facial cleansing brush

Have a browse at all the different facial cleansing brushes on the market – you don’t have to spend a fortune and they probably ALL work better than just using soap and water alone.

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Best Blackhead Removal Method 3: A Face Mask

Helps to deep clean pores and removing the blackheads themselves

A good face mask is great at removing blackheads and general deep cleansing after washing them off. Dead Sea Mud Masks are super effective and cleanse deep into your pores. The Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask is top of its game and can’t be recommended  highly enough. It is best applied with a facial mask brush for even coverage if you don’t want to transfer any dirt or oils from your fingers onto your skin in the process. Dead Sea Mud Masks don’t dry out the skin as much as some clay masks do, making them perfect for combination skin. The Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask is good too and generally hovers just under the $20 mark, but check out the current price and snap up a few jars if the price drops which it regularly does. The best mud mask just has to be  AHAVA Dead Sea Purifying Mud Mask which is heavenly to apply and highly effective.

Other face masks can also be great for cleansing your skin and helping with blackhead removal at home. Clay masks are often recommended if your skin is prone to be oily. As excess oil can clog your pores, getting rid of blackheads can feel like a never ending battle with this type of skin, so a good clay mask can work wonders. The best clay mask is the Pure Biology Clay Face Mask. It isn’t expensive, doesn’t dry your skin out too much and the reviews of it are amazing.

More about facial cleansing masks

Blackhead removal home with electronic facial cleansing masks

Have a browse at all the different Dead Sea Mud Masks on the market – You don’t have to spend a fortune to find one that works well – just read a few reviews and check out what people are saying before you buy.

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Best Blackhead Removal Method 4: A Facial steamer

Helps to open pores and make blackhead removal easy

What do they do? To get rid of your blackheads, you need to remove the clog of oil and impurities lying inside your pores. You can use a blackhead extractor to do this effectively, but as we all know, sometimes it’s quite hard to get every blackhead out, especially on your nose. It can seem that the clog is bigger than the opening of the pore – which is highly likely. If it’s been left a long time, the oil secretions in your skin don’t stop, building up in the base of the pore and stretching the walls until a sizeable blackhead has grown. That’s where facial steamers come in. By holding your face over a mist of hot water vapor, you trick your pores into widening. This is a natural process when you are hot, and once the pores are open wider, using a comedone extractor is far easier and quicker. Use a face cleanser afterwards to get rid of any oil or dirt left on your face, then splash cold water on to close up the pores again and you’ll be amazed at the speed at which your free your face from unsightly blackheads.

More about facial steamers

Blackhead removal home with facial steamer

There are lots of facial steamers available to buy. Have a browse to read more about them. Some clearly work better than others if you take a little time to read a few reviews.

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Best Blackhead Removal Home Treatment Product Reviews

  • Kingdomcares facial steamer for steaming face

Kingdomcares Facial Steamer Review

November 16th, 2019|0 Comments

The Kindomcares facial steamer is a well known, much loved multi functional facial steamer that works well to open up pores for a deep clean and help you to effectively remove [...]

  • Clay face mask for blackhead removal

Pure Biology Clay Face Mask

November 16th, 2019|0 Comments

The Pure Biology Clay Face mask is surprisingly effective. Our testers found that the claims made on the internet about cleaning pores, reducing blackheads and altering and reducing blemishes on the [...]

  • Kingdomcares facial steamer for steaming face

Kingdomcares Facial Steamer

November 13th, 2019|0 Comments

The Kindomcares facial steamer is a well known, much loved multi functional facial steamer that works well to open up pores for a deep clean and help you to effectively remove [...]

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Best Blackhead Removal Home Methods

Best way to remove blackheads – Why not just use your fingers?

Tempting..and easy. But don’t, just don’t! Using your fingers to for removing blackheads is not recommended at all.

Why don’t we recommend squeezing blackheads out with fingers?

  • Blackheads contain bacteria along with the sebum and dead skin cells which are kept in place within the walls of the pore. Squeezing the blackhead opens up the risk of damaging the walls of the pore causing bacteria to spread into the surrounding cells. In response to this, the body sends white blood cells to fight the infecting bacteria, resulting in more difficult to clear acne like papules and whiteheads.
  • Removing blackheads by squeezing them can spread the bacteria across the surface of the skin too, running the risk of blocking nearby pores.
  • Squeezing too hard or catching the skin with your nails can lead to permanent scarring of your skin.
  • If your fingers aren’t completely clean, then they also introduce bacteria into these pores so although you might clear the target blackhead, you might be clogging another in the process.

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