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This is the latest in the new range of portable, hand-held microdermabrasion facial devices that can gently use the power of diamonds to exfoliate your skin reducing the appearance of fine lines, acne blemishes and light scarring. Over the past decade there has been a large increase in the numbers of people heading for facial microdermabrasion at salons but the shift to diamond technology from crystals has not only meant treatments are safer as the risk to the eyes is negligible, but it has seen the advent of increasingly effective devices that can be used at home

Nuvederm’s Microderm GLO is not only FDA approved, the device has been designed by dermatologists. This means it works, and it works well. There’s even a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the results.

How to use Microderm Glo

We found it very easy to use once we’d got the hang of bracing the skin before using the tip. In case you wonder what this means, it simply means that you have to pull the skin tight using two fingers before pushing the tip gently against the taut area of in between your finger tips. Without this, it isn’t anywhere near as effective.

4 Easy Steps…

1. Wash your face and pat dry.

2. Brace the skin with your free hand and place the diamond tip flat against the skin.

3. Using short, even strokes, gently move the diamond tip across the skin, ensuring that the tip remains flush with skin.

4. After treatment, apply toner or anti-aging facial serum for best results.

With regular use, we agree that the Microderm Glo:

microderm glo microdermabrasion facial

✔ Deeply exfoliates

✔ Buffs away dull, rough patches

✔ Polishes and revitalizes your skin

✔ Evens skin tone

✔ Minimizes pore size

✔ Reduces wrinkle depth

✔ Improves skin radiance

✔ Invigorates your complexion

 In the box, Microderm GLO System includes:

  • Microderm GLO Microdermabrasion Machine
  • Premium & Massage Diamond Tips
  • (20) Filter Replacement Pack
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Charging Base (100-240V)
  • Quick Plug Charging Adapter
  • Portable Carry Pouch
  • User Guide


  • Effective results

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to apply

  • Good exfoliation results


current price

Microderm Glo Silver

Microderm Glo white

Microderm Glo spare filters

Neutraliser for after
Microdermabrasion facial

Our verdict

Microderm Glo Diamond Microdermabrasion by Nuvéderm is our recommendation if you want a portable microdermabrasion system to use at home that works really well and is made to last.

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