Krasr Facial steamer review for blackhead removal
The Krasr Facial Steamer is called a ‘Nano Ionic Facial Steamer’ by the manufacturer – offering it’s services as a complete home blackhead removal kit thanks to the addition of a comedone extractor kit for the money. Handy, as, after all, face steaming is all about being able to open up pores for a deep clean and effective blackhead removal at home. You can set the humidity of this face steamer so that you have it at just the right level of comfort for your skin.
The Krasr steamer features an ultra-sonic vaporizer producing nano-scale steam with negatively charged ionic particles. It is said that ‘Nano steam’ penetrates the skin 10 times more than traditional facial steamers with regular heating elements, allowing you to easily remove the deepest blackheads. But what you might not know, is that nano steam improves blood circulation, improves cell vitality and improves oxygen absorption. This allows blackhead removal to be more gentle and will allow hydrating skin creams to penetrate deeper into the skin.

What did our testers really like about the Krasr facial steamer?

Some facial steamers have very small water reservoirs which allow you to continue face steaming for between 8-10 minutes before you have to refill the reservoir. The Krasr facial steamer has a much larger reservoir allowing you to continue steaming your face for up to 20 minutes. The nano-particles of steam felt wonderful, and it was as good as salon face steaming which is a real positive.
Our testers also said that when they used face creams afterwards, their skin absorbed the creams amazingly well leaving their faces feeling incredibly silky soft and hydrated. The reason for this increased absorption is because the facial pores were opened up by the heated nano steam resulting in a much deeper absorption of the products.
Ease of Use

Our verdict

Krasr Facial Steamer is probably our favorite steamer.

It doesn’t cost much, works well and you get the free blackhead extractor kit to use once you’ve opened up your pores. Highly recommended.

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