Kingdomcares Facial steamer review for blackhead removal
The Kindomcares facial steamer is a well known, much loved multi functional facial steamer that works well to open up pores for a deep clean and help you to effectively remove blackheads at home without damaging your skin.
Like many of the newer facao steamers on the market, the Kingdomcares device is a nano ionic facial steamer which sends out a superfine mist of tiny water vapour particles to open pores helping you to achieve deep cleansing of your face to keep blackheads from forming. It can also be used to humidify your room and its facial atomizer and nano sprayer are like having your own personal sauna spa system at home.
Nano ionic steamers have come right down in price and are now easily affordable. Better than traditional steamers, the small heated water particles penetrate the skin far deeper, allowing for more effective blackhead removal and an improved blood circulation to aid skin regeneration and repair. Heated nano steam also improves cell vitality and oxygen absorption allowing you to more gently remove blackheads at home without damaging the skin. Opening up pores, it facilitates the ability of hydrating skin creams to sink deeper into your skin leaving it thoroughly cleansing and hydrated.

What did our testers really like about the Kingdomcares facial steamer?

Our testers loved the size of the Kingdomcares facial steamer. It’s small and compact and can easily be packed away when not in use. It works for a full 10 minutes which is sufficient for its use and leaves your skin beautifully hydrated afterwards. It’s not going to break the bank either!
NOTE: Our testers didn’t have any faulty parts, but it is worth noting that this company seem to take their customer care seriously, responding in a timely manner and offering replacements and spare parts without any issue.
Ease of Use

Our verdict

Kingdomcares Facial Steamer is an effective, compact facial steamer.

Smaller than many other steamers, we particularly like its size and ease of use. We would have like to see an automatic cut off though, to protect the device if you accidentally leave it switched on.

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