Skin Care tips

Understanding your skin type

Finding out your skin type allows you to buy the right skincare treatments for your particular skin. Get it wrong, and you will not be getting rid of acne but causing it. What types are there and what skin care tips will help you look after your skin?

Types of skin and best moisturizers to prevent acne

Normal skin

When it comes to normal skin, oiliness and dryness are present on occasion but mostly individuals refer to their skin as neither or find they can treat some oiliness or dryness easily. Normal skin tends to feature small pores that are barely visible with a surface that is neither shiny nor flaky and has an even tone.

Those with a normal skin type should use products that don’t make their skin feel overly greasy and avoid products that cause excessive dryness. While normal skin types require less maintenance than other skin types, it’s important to remain consistent with a regular skin care product that’s gentle on the skin but provides the key ingredients to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

There are literally hundreds of suitable moisturisers for normal skin – we like the Lily-Ana Naturals Face Cream – great value, smooth, non greasy and divine fragrance.

skin care tips

Dry skin

You’ll know you have a dry skin as its surface can look dull and feel rough to touch. Your pores will be barely visible like those with normal skin, but your skin may be less elastic and you may well have more lines. With dry skin that gets too dry, red patches can form as the skin cracks and peels easily, becoming rough and flaky. This type of skin doesn’t produce sufficient oils and doesn’t retain oils and so can age quickly.

To keep dry skin healthy, minimize the time you spend in the shower to just 5 minutes at a time. Spending longer in the shower will strip your skin of important oils and increase the dryness. Likewise, turn the temperature down – high temperatures might feel great, but they open the pores up more and cause more oils to be washed out, drying the skin out further.

Using heavier, more oil-based moitsurizers is important if your skin is dry as you need to keep your skin as moist and supple as you can to reduce signs of ageing due to dryness. You should reapply during the day if your skin begins to feel dry and flaky.

We particularly like L’Occitane Ultra Rich cream which is beautifully moisturizing without being too heavy.

skin care tips

Oily skin

Oily skin produces a larger amount of sebum, and is often characterized by larger pores, a shiny complexion, and the heightened appearance of acne. it is likely a result of hereditary factors and hormone levels. Oily skin is less susceptible to harsh skin effects associated with ageing.

Many people with oily skin mistakenly believe that using moisturizers will exacerbate their skin’s oiliness and cause more acne breakouts. This is an understandable fear. However, it is stil important to use a moisturizer to help oily skin stay hydrated and supple, yet if you have an issue with acne and a water-based and non-comedogenic moisturizer would be best as they are designed to prevent clogged pores.

We like the Era Organics Tea Tree Oil Face Cream which works better than many expensive products in our opinion.

skin care tips

Combination skin

Combination skin may see various parts of the face that are dry, with flaking or scaly patches, and other portions may be oily. Most commonly, these oily patches are observed in the T-zone, which includes the nose, chin, and forehead. These areas feature more active sebaceous glands that produce higher amounts of oil. Combination skin type may also refer to skin that is sensitive to seasonal changes.

To find a moisturizer for combination skin is vital as too much oil will clog pores and make acne worse. The Mary Kay TimeWise moisturizer seems to do the trick without breaking the bank.

skin care tips

Sensitive skin

If you have a sensitive skin then you’ve no doubt tried out a great variety of products on your skin only to find a number of them cause irritation and reddening. Sensitive skin is easily irritated, and may have a propensity for inflammation and acne breakouts. Trying to find a moisturizer for sensitive skin is not too hard though. We wholeheartedly recommend LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream Moisturizer. With a light, pleasant smell, it doesn’t leave any oily residue behind.

Retinol cream for sensitive skin

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