How to get clear skin free from blackheads

How to get clear skin – Be free from blackheads

Knowing how to get clear skin, gorgeous, glowing and smooth skin is something we obsess over as soon as we hit puberty. We know in our heads that the models we see in magazines and on the TV have been photoshopped to within an inch of their lives, and yet we still lust after that perfectly smooth skin, free from blackheads, comedones and acne. For most of us this dream is a myth and we have no chance of attaining facial nirvana given raging hormones and genetic predispositions (just ask your parents if they suffered from blackheads or acne and you’ll know the chances of you having perfect skin!).

Forget the claims on dodgy internet sites that tell you you can have clear skin in 24 hours by using this cream or than scrub, and read some sensible advice on how to get clear skin as fast as is possible for your skin.

How to get clear skin?

These top 10 tips you can follow today:

10. The biggest mistake you can make is leaving your makeup on over night. Keep some makeup remover wipes next to your bed in case of late nights where you’re too tired to take it off in the bathroom.

9. If you work out, wash your face before and after your routine. Before – so that your pores are free to sweat without being clogged with makeup, and after, so that you remove any oils and sweat which might otherwise clog pores.

8. Your pillowcase will soak up oils from your hair so make sure that you change it at least once a week to avoid these oils being transferred onto your face to clog pores and prevent clear skin.

7. The less you touch your face throughout the day the better. Your fingers pick up bacteria from every surface they touch, and you are transferring these bacteria to your face which leads to irritation. Less touching will help you get clear skin!

6. Change your moisturizer as the seasons change. If your skin gets very dry during the winter you may well need a heavier moisturizer then. If it’s fully absorbed that is fine, but go for a lighter one during the summer months.

How to get clear skin by washing makeup brushes

5. Clean your makeup brushes at least every two weeks or you’ll never get  a clear skin! These brushes touch your skin every day and bacteria build up on them ready to be transferred back to your face and irritate it. No need to go wild, warm water and any antibacterial soap is fine! Liquid soap is easier to use here.

4. When buying makeup, try to steer clear from oil based products if you are prone to blackheads and acne of any kind. They will clog the pores and make the situation worse. This is especially true of foundation, but the good news is that there are many oil free foundation products to choose from.

3. Clean your headphones and cell phone regularly to avoid transferring bacteria back onto your ears and face. Most people never do this but these tech items are a real issue if you really want to know how to have clear skin.

2. Hot water and steam open up your pores – so don’t put your makeup on straight after a bath or shower as the pores will be wide open and will absorb more makeup, clogging them and potentially leading to blackheads. For a clear skin, wait about 10 to 15 minutes before applying makeup so that your pores close up first.

1. Wash your hands before you wash your face otherwise you’ll simply be transferring the bacteria onto your face!

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